"Oi Kattes" NFT
Female Cats of Cyprus

raised 64.27 SOL

About us

All for Charity? TNR?
Help us save the cats of Cyprus!

We love cats, and based on the success of Oi Kattoi we're saving more cats. Each NFT minted will go 100% (minus the fees) towards TNR, without a middleman or any other financial loss. Directly funding and saving cats! We are pricing each NFT at 40 EUR (in $SOL) so each purchase saves a cat (the cost of neutering feral cats in Cyprus).

Read more about TNR here and why it's a good cause and a great idea, like this.

This project only focuses on helping, loving, and saving cats. We managed to raise 4,000 EUR last time, which is not a lot. This time, we want to break the record and raise 80,000 EUR!

More so even than our love for cats, is our love for technology. We think the idea of a blockchain-powered royalty-based distribution of art is sweet!

Since we care so little about money, we leave that to you. We invest it all so you can make some profit. We're happy that way.

If we manage to raise more than anyone else has even managed to raise for cats in Cyprus, or any other kind of animal welfare in Cyprus, it will be the most amazing achievment of our lives.

Join us and let's try together to achieve this!


You're probably new to this space, aren't you?

If you are, then read a bit more. If not, then this is all you need to know:
2222 cats are being minted on the 19th of March, 2022 at 17:00 UTC (that's 19:00 Cyprus time). Backers got in earlier, at the same price, 0.50 SOL. Discord link below, happy days!

Keep reading if the above made little sense for you. If you don't know what an NFT is, Google it. Trust me, I am not being rude, it's just easier to learn on YouTube etc.

We made 2222 of these with the sole purpose to raise funds for charity. For you to get one, you need to mint one on Saturday or later, since the mint won't close until sold out.

To mint one or buy/sell one, you need a Solana wallet, such as Phantom. You also need some SOL (this is the Solana blockchain coin).

There are 4 NFT projects under our belt. The "Oi Kattoi" was our first and this is the female version.

If you want more info about the other one, Oi Kattoi, a.k.a. Cats of Cyprus, go to https://oikattoi.com/ for more info.

We have over 1000 members who can help you with this part, it is fun and exciting. Expecially the tricky "how to buy SOL in Cyprus" issue many are facing. Come chat with us!

Join the Discord


We looked for a Cypriot artist and found @Poskooll!

He's insanely good, even does these amazing custom shoes (show him some love ❤️)

Have a sneak peak on Discord, there's a channel just for that 😉 I think you'll love em.

Or check out our awesome profile pics below! There's even a cool bounty hunt for them 😀

Eric Georgiades

the project's co-founder and marketing head. As Cypriot as they get, technology evangelist and seriously good looking guy.
(I wonder who types these)


Panayiotis Savva

This rockstar developer behind CyBits and more. Co-founder Cypriot dad who waits for the family to go to sleep to take to solving crime at night (online)


Sotiris Dimitriou

is the dope artist, totally Cypriot AF to the core! also a shoe customizer and cinematographer!
(guess his favourite show and characters 😜)




Each NFT (of 2222)


Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is the most humane and effective approach for stray and feral cats.


Each NFT minted will go 100% (minus the fees) towards TNR, without a middleman or other financial loss.


Each NFT has 10% royalties that also go towards the TNR program.

2,222 NFT open mint


💟 Special club opens for holders of the kittens 💟
We have yet to reveal the v3, third and last project.
However, we promise to have breeding of the male and female cats,
v1 - Oi Kattoi with v2 - Oi Kattes, to produce, v3 - Ta Kattouthkia.
You won't be able to get these v3 kittens any other way apart for breeding.


* Cashback payments
* Estimated maximum return on investment of 10 months
* More earnrings for different members, Gold / Silver / Bronze
* Earnings based on how many kittens you hold Stake and hold your NFTs (v3 only)


When does the project launch? When does the mint begin?

The official Oi Kattes launch date and time was on the 19th of March 2022, at 17:00 UTC (that's 19:00 Cyprus time).
If you are a backer (supported of v1 and DAO member) you get to mint 1 day earlier than the rest!

It's still open! (live)

How can I join?

We still have spots left. But they will all be filled by early supporters of the project who are ready to mint once we announce the launch. If you too want to be among the few able to mint their piece of digital art and claim a Cat of Cyprus you can call your own? Get started here.

Will Oi Kattes make a good investment?

Look at the buzz generated by all the people keen on getting their own Cat of Cyprus. Consider the artwork and the humour. Also, conisder that 2022 is the year Cyprus started an NFT project that already went viral.

After the v1 mint closed, 45 minutes later an NFT that was minted for 0.15 $SOL (20 EUR at the time) was sold for 1.5 $SOL (180 EUR) at the time. Have a look at the marketplace on MagicEden for yourself, it's wild!

What's with the name?

"Oi Kattes" is Greek, written in a informal/slangy Cypriot way, that simply means "Female Cats", and we often refer to them as "the Female Cats of Cyprus". In Greek, it's actually "Οι γάτες" but we think we're funny and wrote it that way instead. In fact, we think we're so funny that we've called it "Οι κάττες της Σολάνας" which means "Solana's Cats", since Solana sounds like a Greek name.

How many Female Cats of Cyprus will there be?

2222. By prioritizing art quality over quantity, we make sure you will be happy with the art you mint. As a result, the demand for the cats will soon tower over the supply.

I want to have a sneak peak!

As soon as you mint one and they’re revealed, you can admire the latest addition to your art collection on your wallet or any marketplace website, like MagicEden.

Until that happens, join our Discord’s #sneak-peek channel where you can take a look at what we’ve got cookin’ for you.

What blockchain are you using?

Oi Kattes is on the Solana Blockchain.

Does the artist get anything?

@Poskooll gets nothing, since this is only for charity. We also get nothing! We're donating too!

I have more questions! :(

There's more FAQ and people you can speak to on Discord. So head over to the Official Discord channel. If you’re reading this before the launch, you’ll still have a chance to get your hands on a ultra-rare (there are 11 of them!).